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Abacus FAQs


What is Abacus?

Abacus is a “counting frame” device and a very old method of doing mathematical calculations faster and accurately using a series of beads. Plural: Abaci

Who invented the abacus and when?

The nearest relative of the current abacus is believed to be invented by the Chinese around the 2nd century BC. Also, there are other references of simpler abacus systems developed by Mesopotamians as early as 2300 BC and the greek in 500 BC and similarly other ancient civilizations as well.

Why should I enroll my child in the UCMAS Abacus program?

UCMAS Abacus program is the best mental maths program available which promotes whole brain development, develops key foundational skills – Visual, Listening, and Motor and trains the future generation of leaders to equip and stand out best in this challenging & fast-changing world.
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What is the best age to start and why?

The best age is to start early as this skill-based program is cognitive-based development and it’s at a peak with the age group of 5yrs to 12 yrs. Young Children adapt and apply the method taught in a very structural pattern and the outcome is 100% guaranteed.

What are the benefits of starting this program early?

By starting the program at a very young age, the child adapts to the method of learning well before he masters the traditional learning method in school thereby making the child ready for a math level higher than their grade level.

Does this program help a child if he starts late to join?

Abacus is skill-based learning and the benefits for any child joining the program remain the same. A child who joins late must adapt and follow the right practice suggested by the trainer without applying the conventional approach taught in school during the foundation Levels to see the results.

How does this training help children in school?

  • Learning abilities are at their best only when a child’s concentration and listening factors are tuned to the right frequency.
    Abacus training helps in enhancing memory through Listening and visual exercises involve the coordination of Visual(Eyes), Auditory(Ears) & Kinesthetic(Motor skills) usage all the time.
    These are windows in our human body to reach out to brain functions to attain maximum potential. So School going Children will have their best learning outcomes if they are trained in Abacus.
  • Children like to be complimented and rewarded at this age.Abacus trained children get noticed and recognized by their teachers in the school which boost their self-esteem and they always wanted to be at their best in front of their peers.

Does a child improve only in Mathematics or in other subjects too?

A child will show remarkable improvement in Maths as abacus learning is based on numbers. Since Abacus training involves right brain activation due to visualizing beads as an image in mind it leads to better understanding and enhanced memory which is the basis of all academic studies in Children.
Kids with longer practice have shown higher numerical memory capacity and develop more effectively connected neural pathways.
Ref :

Will my child get confused between Abacus Maths and School Maths?

Abacus learning using the tool helps in solving complex calculations faster in mind without using a calculator. School maths focus on Logical steps are taught based on content learning. So Abacus learning can be a major catalyst to help children solve complex calculations in a much faster way to arrive at a solution. Abacus learning always supports academic learning at all times.

If my child is already doing well in school, what is the need to learn Abacus?

A child who is the best in academics must also attain accuracy and speed in arriving at correct answers. Abacus Learning gives the child that extra edge to be the best amongst his peers. The best student in the school will definitely have the right knowledge of contents taught, information gathered, and good understanding but the child also needs excellent memory, the right speed, and accuracy to deliver the objectives of his grade in time.

Does my child get HW to do? How much practice is required at home? How much parent’s involvement is required?

Abacus is a skill-based program where more than intelligence regular practice is required to see results. Repeated practice is mandatory to excel in this program as the training is purely based on imagining beads and their relative movements. So there will be home practice to excel in this program.
Older students are completely capable of self-practice. However, younger students will need parental help in practicing.

FAQs about StarKids Abacus Program?

Here are some questions about the UCMAS Abacus course in UAE, run by StarKids Institute.

Explain the basic structure of this program and levels involved?

This is structured into two streams-JUNIOR & REGULAR Junior stream has 10 Levels, each level for a duration of 3 months, and it enrolls children of age group 5 to 71/2 years. The regular stream has 8 Levels, each for a duration of 3 months and it enrolls children of age group 8 to 12 years.

What is the duration of each Level? How often do they have weekly classes?

Each Level is for a duration of 3 months and weekly a class for 2 hours.

Do you conduct Abacus Competitions?

Yes, we do conduct annual Competitions National as well as International.

Do you have Level Assessments? Is any certification given?

Yes, we have a level assessment for every Level and we promote them after giving the assessment to the Next Level. After successfully completing the level we issue Level certificates to them.

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