Abacus FAQs

What is Abacus? Abacus is a “counting frame” device and a very old method of doing mathematical calculations faster and accurately using a series of beads. Plural: Abaci Who invented the abacus and when? The nearest relative of the current abacus is believed to be invented by the Chinese around the 2nd century BC. Also, there are other references of simpler abacus systems developed by Mesopotamians as early as 2300 BC and the greek in 500 BC and similarly other

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Best UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai

Why Should You Enroll Your Kids in Abacus Classes?

Most children are intimidated by math or find it challenging to quickly and accurately compute numbers. They are also inclined to look towards their computers or phones for answers instead of doing the calculation themselves. If your kids are not adept with numbers, our Abacus program may be what they need. It is ideal for overcoming a fear of math and becoming comfortable with numeric computation. It also helps kids develop key skills such as concentration, listening, and visualization among

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