The Star Kids Institute is a Dubai based Children Development Training institute, offering a wide range of courses covering children’s brain development, creativity, ideas, expressions, communication, strategy, planning, mathematical skills, language skills, handwriting, and computer programming.



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Our history

We came into existence in 2003, when our founder Mrs. George Varghese, became a new mother and was looking out for opportunities to extend her daughters’ learning beyond school. When she couldn’t find an institute that supported holistic learning to her satisfaction, she decided to build one.


Over the years we have been fortunate to have added remarkable teachers to our team, who on average hold more than a decade’s experience in educating young minds. And it is to this team that we owe our humble gratitude, for having grown from a small franchise of UCMAS to one of its biggest franchises in Dubai, with many of our students winning accolades year after year, on national and international platforms. We are also indebted to the 5000+ parents who have trusted us with the opportunity to make a difference in their children’s life.  

Our Purpose

We at the Star Kids Institute are driven by the purpose of teaching children how to think, rather than what to think. 

Over the 15+ years of experience in the domain of Children Development Training, we have observed the transformative power of using stimulation and cognition in learning, and its ability to expand potential, elevate experiences and engage children of all ages. And hence, all the courses that we provide, aim to sharpen the cognitive side of a child’s brain.

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Our Promise

We are passionate about making learning fun for our students, and in this passion lies our promise. Be it new ideas that we update our curriculum with or new styles of teaching that we experiment with, our goal always lies in making our sessions as lively and engrossing as we can.

We promise to introduce learning to your child in a language that is super fun and appealing. As one of our beloved students, young Ricky once told his mother – “Learning is so much fun here that I wish I didn’t have to go back home every day”.

We look upon each of our interactions with a child as a fortunate responsibility to transform his/her future.