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Why Should You Enroll Your Kids in Abacus Classes?

Best UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai

Most children are intimidated by math or find it challenging to quickly and accurately compute numbers. They are also inclined to look towards their computers or phones for answers instead of doing the calculation themselves. If your kids are not adept with numbers, our Abacus program may be what they need. It is ideal for overcoming a fear of math and becoming comfortable with numeric computation. It also helps kids develop key skills such as concentration, listening, and visualization among others.

What is Abacus?

The abacus is a counting tool invented in China that has been used to do mathematical calculations since ancient times. While technology has overtaken the world and the abacus has since been replaced, using the tool has some timeless benefits that can help with a child’s overall mental development. Using the abacus, children can do long, sequential and challenging numeric computation in seconds, all in their minds.

Here are a few of the benefits that your kids can gain through Abacus classes:

Best UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai

Improves Concentration

While learning to do basic arithmetic on the abacus, kids also learn to manage distractions and focus on the topic at hand. Once kids have mastered the abacus, they can simply carry out a range of calculations in their minds. This helps them improve their mental capabilities and concentration power.

Better observation and listening skills

The abacus can also help kids develop their observation and listening skills. Initially, they do the calculations with the abacus tool in front of them but over time they are trained to do this while only listening to the numbers. This encourages children to use multiple senses when approaching a problem and hones their ability to absorb information.   

Strengthens memory

While learning arithmetic using the abacus, kids have to retain a lot of information in their minds and access various stores of information to respond accurately. Having to do this helps kids improve and strengthen their memorization and effectively store more information. With continuous practice, a child’s memorization power can even reach some degree of photographic memory.

Improves imagination and visualization

When kids have mastered the use of the abacus, they can perform basic mathematical calculations in their minds. In fact, throughout the program, they are encouraged to visualize the abacus which exponentially improves their ability to think through pictures and images. Children can really benefit from also participating in other activities that enhance this skill such as drawing, writing, and photography.

Enhances speed and accuracy

Learning the abacus helps kids prepare for examinations as most of the lessons are time-oriented and require accuracy. With the abacus, kids learn how to use their time to make smart choices and work well under pressure. This ultimately leads to better marks in school and better passing grades. So, the abacus builds a strong foundation for better career opportunities.

Boosts self-confidence

When kids learn and master the abacus, they are not only introducing themselves to an ancient technique of mathematics but are also making themselves eligible for different programs and demonstrations, both national and international. Taking on such challenges and overcoming them helps build self-confidence in kids and encourages them to take on more difficult challenges. At StarKids UCMAS Abacus classes in Dubai, we have regular national and international competitions in abacus, kids coding. and vedic mathematics.

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