Robotics Classes for Kids

Want your kids to see Science and Mathematics in action? Robotics is where you go!


the Robotics Course at Star Kids

Children learn the most when they practice hands-on. Our Robotics course offers just that. A confluence of mechanical, electrical and computer science engineering, this course aims to introduce children to engineering design and technical reasoning. With Rogic programming, they are initiated into the world of computer language and structure, along with hands-on practice on a robotics kit.

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Benefits of Robotics Classes for Kids

Our  program includes:

  • It is a STEM based course, which caters to Scientific, Technological, Engineering, and Mathematical parts of learning.
  • Improves practical reasoning and problem-solving skills leading to efficient decision making.
  • Helps improve creativity and spatial perception.
  • Prepares your child to step into the digital era through coding.
  • Enhances team-building and social skills through working in groups.
Robotics & AI Courses for Kids

Robotics and Coding are interactive ways of teaching our children how to communicate with computers to solve real-world problems.

Coding Classes for Kids
Python programming for Kids

Design Assembly and Construction of Robots

Our robotic kits vary from beginner to high-grade level to match our students’ age and degree of understanding and speed. The course is offered as 4 levels of 3 months each, with 2 hr classes once a week.

Each kit comes with a Circuit, DC Motor, Sensor, and other mechanical parts that can be used to assemble and program 12 robots.

Students also get an exposure to computer software using Rogic programming which comes with a user-friendly interface for quick comprehension. It can be installed on one’s computer, smartphone, or tablet, making learning on the go possible.