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Discover the power of Vedic Mathematics and magical calculation speeds.

power of Vedic Mathematics and magical calculation speeds.

When it comes to mathematics, our initial thought is to take a step back and let the smartest friend in our group solve the problem. But what if I tell you that mathematics will not only be easy but fun to you if you learn the easy system of mathematics with Vedic Mathematics.

What is Vedic Mathematics, and how is it important?  

Vedic Mathematics is actually a collection of “sutras” or techniques that easily solves mathematic questions. It consists of 16 sutras or formulae along with 13 sub-sutras, which can be easily applied to when you are solving any mathematical equation, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and conics.

Before we dive deep into the world of easy mathematics, let’s have a look at how Vedic Mathematics came into existence.

History of Vedic Mathematics-

Vedic mathematics was discovered by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Sri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji in 1911 and 1918 AD. He also published his findings in a Vedic Mathematics Book by Tirthaji Maharaj. Shri Tirthaji Maharaj was born in Puri, Orissa, in March 1884. He was a great student and had a keen interest in mathematics, humanity, along with Sanskrit. Over the years, he drew interest in Sanskrit, and while he was meditating in the forest, he rediscovered the Vedic sutras. 

However, the sutras on the manuscripts were lost. In the year 1957, he wrote an introductory volume of 16 sutras and called it Vedic Mathematics. He also planned to write another set of sutras later, but he started to develop cataracts in both his eyes and passed away in 1960. Some modern mathematics scholars argue that Krishna Tirtha’s formulae do not have any connection with Vedas or Vedic mathematics. However, they admit that Krishna Tirtha’s concepts are indeed excellent learning aids to master mathematic problem-solving.

The Advantage of Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics has been known to solve mathematical numerical calculations faster. According to Vedic Math scholars, Vedic Mathematics tricks can do 10-15 times faster calculations than conventional Mathematics. 

Gaurav Tekriwal, the founder of, mentioned The Use of Vedic Mathematics on Quora as follow:

  • Vedic Maths is 1700% faster than conventional Maths, making it the world’s fastest way of calculating.
  • Vedic Maths removes the fear of Maths. If your child is afraid of pursuing Maths, introducing them to Vedic Mathematics can increase interest for calculations in your child.
  • Vedic Maths can improve academic performance.
  • It sharpens your mind and increases mental agility and self-confidence.
  • Increases an interest for numbers
  • Improves speed and accuracy.
  • Develops both left and right sides of the brain, encouraging intuition and innovation.
  • Easy to master and apply. All you need is to learn tables.

How is Vedic Math Different from Abacus?

Both Abacus and Vedic maths help students build maths speed and accuracy. However, the major difference is the tool. We have noticed that children find it easier to adopt Vedic Maths as there is no tool involved. While Vedic Maths can be mastered in 8-12 months Abacus will take 2-3 years to reach mental calculation mastery.

Another important difference is the usage of Vedic Maths Vs Abacus at school. During the starting years, Abacus students are dependent on the tool, which is not allowed in schools. While Vedic Maths can be easily implemented in class and no one notices it. 
Finally, Vedic Maths has a wide spectrum of applications in life ranging from super-fast arithmetic calculations to geometry, algebra, conics and even financial calculations. 

Star kids Institute offers both skills to our students. You can choose your preferred method of following both as per your preference. 

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