power of Vedic Mathematics and magical calculation speeds.

Discover the power of Vedic Mathematics and magical calculation speeds.

When it comes to mathematics, our initial thought is to take a step back and let the smartest friend in our group solve the problem. But what if I tell you that mathematics will not only be easy but fun to you if you learn the easy system of mathematics with Vedic Mathematics. What is Vedic Mathematics, and how is it important?   Vedic Mathematics is actually a collection of “sutras” or techniques that easily solves mathematic questions. It consists of

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Abacus FAQs

What is Abacus? Abacus is a “counting frame” device and a very old method of doing mathematical calculations faster and accurately using a series of beads. Plural: Abaci Who invented the abacus and when? The nearest relative of the current abacus is believed to be invented by the Chinese around the 2nd century BC. Also, there are other references of simpler abacus systems developed by Mesopotamians as early as 2300 BC and the greek in 500 BC and similarly other

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